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Джулия Танненбаум - девочка из детского дома в Сибири, удочеренная американской семьей из Нью-Йорка 10 лет назад. Ее родителям - Тине и Рику - пришлось нелегко. У девочки был Синдром реактивного расстройства привязанности, которым страдают многие сироты. RAISING JULIA Journalist Tina Traster and her husband, lawyer Rick Tannenbaum, adopted their daughter Julia from Novosibirsk, Russia, in 2003. When baby Julia didn’t respond to her adoptive parents early on, they realized that she suffered from reactive attachment disorder, in which the early break from the birth mother leads to difficulties building trust or forming bonds. Ten years later, after a great deal of hard work by the whole family, Julia has made progress and is now a lively and active child who draws, skis, and plays the violin.